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Hello Coaches and Debaters,

Welcome to 3P Legislative Briefs. As we enter our fifth year, we aim to continue our dedication to exceptional Congressional Debate research. We will provide research for TOC bid tournaments during the 2016-2017 season, in addition to researching individual pieces of legislation (requested by you). Our mission at 3PLB is to “To enhance the structure and credibility of argumentation in Congressional Debate by providing the most unique, strategic, and reliable resources to competitors”. If at any point throughout this year our research is anything but outstanding, or does not uphold the mission statement above, we will gladly address your concerns with appropriate measures. We admit we've had concerns from customers in our first year, but we've taken the time to fix those mistakes in order to provide better research for this season. On the same note, if you have any questions or comments about our briefs, we would love to hear them; we can only be the best if we hear from the best.

Enjoy our Briefs!

Thank you,

The 3P Legislative Briefs Team

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