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3P Legislative Briefs



For decades, Congress was excluded from most of the forensics community. Due to its need of powerful presentation, debate events often classified the activity as a speech event. However, with the rise of imperishable argumentation and aggressive refutation in Congress, the event has finally been classified according to its true nature: debate. As a result of its absence from the club for so long, there was never a need for inclusive complied research, or quality research at that, to support and instruct the competitors in Congress- until now.


3P Legislative Briefs was created to expand and enhance the amount of means that Congressional Debaters have access to and are able to utilize. While there are dozens of research services for every other debate, Congress has few to none-not only creating a greater need for a program, but leaving to door open for Congressional debate to lose its instructive and credible basis. In order to preserve the authenticity and magnitude of the debate, 3P Legislative Briefs promises to fulfill its’ mission: “To enhance the structure and credibility of argumentation in Congressional Debate by providing the most unique, strategic, and reliable resources to competitors” 

Our mission is upheld through our briefs. They are: 


  • Comprehensive: We provide as many cards on a piece of legislation as possible, without rehashing arguments and/or streaming biased sources.

  • Informative: We don’t just provide research on a bill/resolution; we take it one step further. We break down each advocacy of the debate so you have a better idea of how to weigh arguments in the session and persuade your fellow congressmen/congresswomen.

  • Organized: We believe that organization is key to a clear mind when prepping speeches. We lay out everything in as simple format so it is easy to find.

  • Credible: Every card we cut and provide to you has a warrant and backing so you won’t be left with any open claims. 

  • Wide-ranging: Because Congressional debate requires the simulation of actual U.S. Congress, we use actual studies and universities in our research to provide the most life like evidence one can have.

  • The highest quality: We know what kind of evidence supports good arguments. Even more so, we know what kind of warrants are necessary to enhance debate on every piece of legislation. 


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