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3P Legislative Briefs Submission

While 3P Congressional Briefs cover some of the largest national tournaments during the school year, we realize there are many more tournaments than these few. Our goal is to help create and sustain Congressional excellence through researching topics for schools that would potentially take any team hours to compile and organize in a concise manner. We believe this researching package should not be limited to certain high-end tournaments attended by a select few. Therefore, we have Individual Research for Purchase.

How does it work? Purchase the package below, indicating the amount of legislation in need of research. From there, we will get your research back to you within two weeks, similar to the standard Congressional Briefs.

*Purchases are capped off at 5 pieces to avoid an overflow of research requests.

While we can research more than 5 pieces of legislation a week, there are multiple requests for research in at a time. If there are any questions on the turnaround time for research, please contact the email address below. 

Have any more questions? Email Brittany Stanchik:






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