• Hammering polish, time balance, and structure to give your pieces/speeches the execution to entice an audience and judges, while at the same time maintaining natural, non-mechanical delivery.

  • Critical analysis of prompts in limited prep (for when you get those inevitably slanted prompts).

  • Incorporating humor into events.

Abel Rodriguez

                                 Extemp, Oratory, Parli, LD Debate

Short Bio: 

I am an alumnus of the University of Kentucky Forensics Team and also competed for Chapin High School in El Paso, Texas. In college, I was in a number of national outrounds at both NFA and Pi Kappa Delta (the collegiate arm of the NSDA) in various events including Extemp, Poetry, Impromptu, After Dinner Speaking, Persuasive Speaking, and IPDA Debate. I’ve also got about two years’ experience coaching speech and debate for Henry Clay High School in Lexington, KY. As a current law student at UCLA, I find speech has been the most valuable activity I’ve been a part of. It’s taught me countless skills that I hope to use to make me a better lawyer. I love this activity for all it has given me and I hope to be able to give just as much back to current competitors as a coach for 3P!


Coaching Philosophy:

I am all about ambition. I believe that pretty much any person has the ability to be great at forensics if they put the work into the right event. An essential part of that is finding the authentic purpose behind your work, whether that be telling a story that is important to you through interp, speaking out for a group through oratory, or proving yourself in limited prep. That being said, trust is fundamental to my coaching relationships. I believe in you and that means I will be extra critical and I will challenge you, but if you put the work in and believe in me as a coach, I can promise you not just success, but fulfillment from this activity.




  • 2016 NFA Quarterfinalist (Extemp, After Dinner Speaking)

  • 2016 Pi Kappa Delta Finalist, 4th (Extemp)

  • 2016 Pi Kappa Delta Quarterfinalist (Impromptu, Persuasive Speaking, Poetry, IPDA Debate)

  • 2015 Pi Kappa Delta Finalist, 6th and 2nd (Extemp, IPDA Debate)

  • 2014 Pi Kappa Delta Semifinalist (After Dinner Speaking)

  • 2014 Pi Kappa Delta Quarterfinalist (Extemp, Persuasive Speaking, Impromptu, Dramatic Interpretation)


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