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Coaching Philosophy: I want my students to become autonomous performers with an appetite for success.  I will encourage my students to talk to walls, themselves, and possibly visit the loony bin. They should constantly be creating, experiencing, and remembering different life choices while implementing that into their performance.



  • Fundamentals: Having a clear “form" can only help your audience follow your speech. Also, it allows for your audience to get back to you if ( hopefully never but it happens)...they zone out.

  • Writing content in your speech that impacts all types of audience members/judges:

    • There’s the type who only want the cold hard facts and for the numbersand studies to line up

    • There’s the type who are looking for the stories and the examples and the emotional impact

    • There’s the type who really just wants to know who you are as a person
      Of course none of these are mutually exclusive, but the content of your speech should have enough variety. Every statistic, personal anecdote and example should be carefully chosen and purposeful.

  • Replacing “Speech Voice” with your Real Voice. The beauty of Oratory is how every person’s voice is so different. Just by being yourself, you can stand out. I can help you write in a way that is close to your normal talking voice as much as possible.

Anh Le



Coaching Philosophy: As a coach, I will start with making sure the outline/skeleton of the speech is completely solid and flows well. If there are holes in the speech, it will be fixed right then and there in the structure. This is where evidence and research will be tweaked and replaced according to how it supports the argument of the speech. After that, I’m all about fixing sentences so that sound natural for the speaker. I believe in practicing the speech out loud while it is being written. It’s an effective way to see what feels right to one when one delivers it. Throughout this entire process, we will be seeing how the speaker’s personality can be highlighted throughout the entire speech.

In the end, I want any student who is working with me to feel like they have a speech that’s not only competition-ready but they are proud of because it reflects who they are and what is important to them. I want their audience to be thinking about the speech long after the tournaments end.








$110.00 ($27.50 per hour)

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