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  • Crafting a thesis and framework within limited prep events to increase the quality of speeches. 

  • Incorporating unique substructures and structures within both extemp and impromptu. 

  • Building a strong foundation of research for both international and national topic areas. 

  • Using tactics to ensure impeccable time management within extemp and/or impromptu. 

  • Creating vehicles (attention-getting devices, transitions) within a speech to maintain your judges attention and stand out in rounds.


                       High SchoolSpeech

  • 29 championships

  • 21 National Tournament outrounds reached

  • NSDA quarterfinals (US Extemp)

  • NCFL quarterfinals (Extemp)

  • Extemp TOC quarterfinals

  • 2021 Louisiana State Champion (Extemp)

  • 2021 Louisiana State Runner Up (Impromptu) 

  • 2x Sunvite Finalist (Extemp, Impromptu)

Antonina Clementi                                   HI, DI, Duo

Short Bio:

Hi! My name is Antonina Clementi and I am an incoming freshman for the Western Kentucky University Forensics team. I plan on majoring in political science with a minor in communications. I competed on the Louisiana circuit for four years however, I also competed at my fair share of national-level tournaments. I have competed in extemp, impromptu, Lincoln Douglas debate, declamation, and student congress but, I always considered extemp and impromptu to be my main events.


                            High School LD 

  • 19 Semis and Final Rounds at State Wide Competitions 

  • 3 Time NCFL Qualifier 

  • 1 Time NSDA Qualifier 

  • College Debate

  • Kentucky State Quarterfinalist 

  • Fall Redbird Debate Champion 

  • Steve Hunt Classic Champion 

  • NFA Grand Prix Junior Varsity Champion 

Coaching Philosophy:  

I believe that limited prep events can build a strong foundation for not just your competitive career but within other areas of life as well. Through our coaching sessions, you will not just be learning what will help you succeed in speech and debate but, what can help you succeed in your educational and workforce prospects as well. I want to help advance you not just in speech but throughout your life!


An often overlooked area of limited prep is the opportunity for advocacy. Within our sessions, I think it is pivotal we discover areas in which you feel passionate to help you utilize this passion in a round as a tool for change. 


Regardless of what your goals are as your coach I want to help you reach them in any way possible! Whether it be conducting extensive research, utilizing a broad range of drills or, discussing ballots from prior tournaments I want to help you move forward on the path to success! 

Session Schedule

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