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  • Thoroughly researched and well-supported arguments that are sprinkled with humor and heart. Be confident that what you’re saying will not only stand up to critiques but also will elicit nods, laughs, and maybe a few tears.

  • Helping you identify a “truth” (or topic) that’s relevant, unique, and authentically YOU. You’re less likely to get sick of it this way, trust me.

  • Conversational tone and gestures. No robots here! 

Personal Accolades

  • 2007 NFL National Finalist, 4th (OO)

  • 2007 MN State Champion (OO)

  • 2007 Barkley Forum @ Emory University Finalist, 5th (DI, HI)

  • 2007 St Mark’s School of Texas Finalist,4th (HI)

  • 2006 MN State Finalist, 6th (Storytelling)

Short Bio:

Carrie is a former 2007 NSDA National Finalist and Minnesota State Champion in Original Oratory. She also competed in Storytelling (3 years), Humorous Interpretation (1 year), and Dramatic Interpretation (1 year) and placed in DI and HI at several national invitationals. She attended Apple Valley High School, known for its dynasty OO program where 25 students have made the final round stage in the 26 years since 1992. She was coached by Scott and Tzitel Voss as well as Pam and Joe Wycoff—whose names now precede the category of OO at the NSDA National Tournament. In turn, she has coached the 2012 National Champion in OO and 3 State Champions in OO, including a 2-year, back-to-back State Champion. She recently graduated from UCLA School of Law and utilizes her communication skills learned from Speech daily—in meetings with clients and in court before judges. Her sincere desire is to give students the communication skills to be successful in whatever adventures await.

Carrie Akinaka

     Original Oratory, Dramatic & Humorous Interp



Coaching Philosophy:  

My goal is to unleash your potential—and, yes, you have it in you. The best way to do that is to create a safe space where you feel comfortable exploring new topics and new approaches while receiving honest and actionable feedback. I won’t sugarcoat, but at the same time, I won’t just identify problems—I’ll offer solutions. I expect you to work hard, ask questions, and be comfortable trying new things until we find what feels and sounds right. You can expect me to be an eager collaborator and counselor in return. You’ll be the driver; I’ll be the GPS (and, like Siri, I come fully equipped with a variety of accents!). Let’s have fun, work hard, and create art that leaves a lasting impression.

Accolades of students Carrie has worked with...

  • 2012 NSDA National Champion (OO)

  • 2012 MN State Finalist, 4th (OO)

  • 2017 UKTOC Quarter Finalist (OO)

  • 2017 NIETOC Octo Finalist (OO)

  • 2017 NCFL Quarter Finalist (OO)

  • 2017 CO State Champion (OO)

  • 2018 NIETOC Quarter Finalist (OO)

  • 2018 UKTOC Quarter Finalist (OO)

  • 2018 CO State Champion (OO)

  • 2018 KY State Champion (OO)

  • 2018 CA Middle School State Champion (OO)

  • 2018 NCFL National Finalist, 6th (OO)

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Carrie's Photos

Carrie and Coaches

Carrie and Coaches

Pam Wycoff, Carrie Akinaka, Joe Wycoff

4th Place Nationals

4th Place Nationals

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