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Coaching Philosophy:  

My goal is to help you find your passion. As a young adult, having an outlet to explore a topic of your choosing and being guaranteed a platform to communicate your ideas with others was foundational to my development as a student and as a scholar. Forensics has not only been integral to developing public speaking skills; it is the reason I found my passion. Through speech, I became a fierce advocate for women’s health equity, leading me to several prestigious national internships as well as graduate school in Scotland this upcoming fall. I want to help you find your passion. I firmly believe that everyone has something important to say within this activity; what you say and how you say it begins with you. I’ll be here to help answer the tough questions, figure out ways in which to let your expertise shine, and showcase the grit and tenacity we each carry within ourselves. Together, we will craft a performance that is truly, and uniquely, you. 

Personal Accolades:

  • NFA Runner Up in Informative Speaking (2021)

  • AFA Runner Up in Duo Interpretation (2019)

  • AFA 8th Place in Poetry Interpretation (2019)

  • AFA 7th Place in Program Oral Interpretation (2019)

  • AFA National Champion in POI (2018)

  • NFA 6th Place in Persuasive Speaking (2018)

  • NSDA 3rd Place in Program Oral Interpretation (2017)

  • Emory: The Barkley Forum Runner Up in OO (2017)

  • Emory: The Barkley Forum 4th Place in OI (2017)

  • Texas State Tournament 5th Place in Duo (2017)

  • Texas State Tournament 6th Place in OO (2017)

  • Harvard University 7th Place in OO and Duo (2017)

  • NSDA 5th Place in Program Oral Interpretation (2016)

  • NIETOC 4th Place in Prose Interpretation (2016)

  • UK-TOC 3rd Place in Original Oratory

  • UK-TOC Runner Up in Oral Interpretation (2016)

  • NIETOC 4th place in Prose Interpretation (2016)


 Emma Warnecke

DI, Duo, Info, Prose/Poetry, Oratory, POI

Short Bio: 

Hey! My name is Emma Warnecke, and I am a recent graduate of Western Kentucky University. I competed in speech for 11 years, on the middle school, high school, and collegiate levels. Speech has taught me how to use my voice, turn my passions into a performance, and become an activist within my community. I am an empathetic, energetic and competitive coach to work with, who loves helping students learn and grow in speech. I am well-versed in translating my knowledge of the activity to others in order to create beautiful, unique and individualistic performances. I have a wide range of expertise across all Interp and Platform events, at all levels of speech. Throughout my high school career, I reached the final round in POI at NSDA Nationals twice, was a Finalist at the Texas Forensics Association State tournament, Glenbrooks, GMU, UK Tournament of Champions, NIETOC, Emory’s The Barkley Forum, and semi-Finalist at Harvard in Original Oratory, POI, Prose, Poetry, and Duo. In collegiate speech, I competed for WKU’s championed Forensics Team. I personally championed AFA Nationals in POI as a freshman, and went on to Final at AFA and NFA Nationals in Info, Persuasion, and Duo. I am thrilled to work for 3P Speech this summer, and cannot wait to help you tell your story. Let’s get to work!



  • Programs: For a program to succeed, it must incorporate strong technicality, contrast, cleanliness, and clarity. Each of these qualities combined lead to an incredible performance. I have cut, spliced, and performed many different types of programs throughout my career; I have mastered the art of putting together a sound program. 

  • Blocking: Though book tech is my specialty, I fully understand the importance of creating a setting for your character, extenuating your body to flow with your poetry, or coming up with fun gestures in PA. 

  • Emotionality/Character Development: Getting in tune with the character you are performing is key to a convincing performance. Let’s talk about your character’s favorite color, they’re favorite meal, they’re favorite memory -- we’ll dive down deep. 

  • Research: Whether researching for an OO, Info, or even a POI, I know what sources are reputable and comprehensive. Under my coaching, your sources will be relevant, timely, and accurate. 

  • Writing: The fun part of PA! Let’s crack some jokes, add some vulnerability, and explore solutions within a well-structured speech. Writing a compelling, successful speech is one of my strong suits, and a skill I strengthened immensely through speech. I want to help you do the same. 

  • Topic Selection: My mind is constantly thinking of how to incorporate your experiences, actions, and interests into a topic that resonates not only with yourself, but with your audience. Together, we can find a way to talk about what you want to talk about, with novelty and beauty.

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