• Blocking/tech: I love exploring the infinitely possible ways to physically embody a story so that it is as interesting to watch as it was to you when you decided to perform it.

  • Cutting: Every word you say should have a purpose. Let’s make sure there’s no fluff when we are crafting an interesting ten-minute story arc.

  • Character development: Everyone is unique and has their own experiences, so your characters should all be different, layered and distinct. We will work to help you embody a different person’s experience believably.  

Jake Wallack                                                                                                                 HI, DI, Duo

Short Bio:

Hi friends! My name is Jake. I am currently a Junior at Northwestern University majoring in Radio/Television/Film (yup, that’s the name of my major). My hobbies include pretending like I know what I’m doing with my life and posting things on Instagram, but then deleting them when they don’t get enough likes. I did speech in high school for four years, competing in HI, DI, and Duo—and Congress once lol. During my speech career, I was lucky enough to be a national finalist, which was cool, but my favorite memory from doing speech was dancing to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” on Skype with my coach during sessions. My school had a different head coach every year, so I found consistency on 3P for two years; I’m so excited to be able to do the same for you. I’ll try to consolidate what I learned from my own experiences and from all of the coaches I had to be the best possible coach for you.

Coaching Philosophy:  

Let’s say something! You get ten minutes when no one will interrupt what you're saying (except for that time someone opened the door during your DI climax and then apologized), so use that time wisely. I believe that coaches should be artistic facilitators, so I’m not going to make the decisions—you will. Employing the “teach someone to fish” mentality, I will help you navigate the artistic process, so you emerge with something that is uniquely your own. Crafting an interp piece is difficult, and the process never really ends; we will take the whole thing apart and put it back together ten times throughout the year as we figure out the best way to tell your stories. We’re gonna have fun, but we’re also gonna get some work done.

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