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Coaching Philosophy:  I hope to not only help students achieve the goals they set for themselves but also to encourage them to challenge themselves and raise their bars. I know how beneficial this activity can be so I work to always encourage students to get the most out of it they can. I think there is always an opportunity to learn and improve. Through transparency, open-mindedness, and diligence I believe that I can be an asset to any competitor looking to work hard and more importantly looking to express something significant that they want to share with the world. 


  • Creating program concepts

  • Cutting scripts to competitive levels

  • Cleanliness and polishing performance

  • Developing character layers

Joseph Davis

                             Prose, Poetry, POI, Humor



Short Bio: Joe grew up in the activity and is a second generation coach. After graduating in 2010 he coached at Centennial High School in Bakersfield California for two years before going off to compete on the college circuit. Earing two Bachelors of Arts in Communication he was a student coach for York College helping them become competitive in Nebraska resulting in a team sweepstakes award at the Nebraska Collegiate State Tournament in 2015. Now pursuing his MBA through Concordia University Nebraska he is also the Graduate Assistant to their forensics team. After having success in college including qualifying five events to nationals in 2015 and finaling in poetry at the state tournament he chose to fuel his fire for forensics by coaching. His combined experience of both the high school and college speech circuit allows him obtain a universal perspective on what events can be competitive. He loves coaching and helping cut scripts and looks forward to contributing to a student’s artistic passion. He looks forward to coaching high school again and hopes to make connections with students who are excited about speech!

Accolades of students Joe has worked with...

  • 2016 NSDA POI Semifinalist

  • 2016 NSDA POI Octofinalist

  • 2016 UK TOC Runner-Up (DI)

  • 2016 Harvard Runner-Up (DI)

  • 2016 NJ State Champion (DI)

  • 2012 NFL National Semifinalist (Duo)

  • 2012 NFL National Octofinalist (Duo)

  • 2012 CHSSA Semifinalist (HI)

  • 2012 CHSSA Semifinalist (HI)

  • 2012 CHSSA Semifinalist (HI)

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