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I have been involved in Speech and Debate since my freshman year of high school. In high school, I competed in a very wide range of events, attending the California State Tournament in OO my freshman year, OPP my sophomore year, OO and Parliamentary debate my junior year, and Impromptu my senior year. After a whole lot of exploration, I finally laid my focus on limited prep events; specifically, Impromptu. I was then the 2017 California State Champion and the 2017 NSDA National Champion in Impromptu speaking. I was a captain of iLead North Hollywood High School Speech and Debate my senior year, and did a lot of peer-to-peer coaching in that time. I now attend Brown University, and am a member of the school’s mock trial team.




  • Finding a message in every speech, even about the most mundane topics.

  • Improving structure within speeches.

  • Ensuring a speaker is ready for any topic thrown at them.

  • Clean presentation and fluency in limited prep events.

  • Bringing genuine personality and excitement to each performance!

 Kate Farwell


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Coaching Philosophy:  

I firmly believe in the power of speech and debate to create empowered, confident young people. Because of that, my goal will always be for the student to walk away from a speech or session having learned or gained something, be it confidence or knowledge. I use a variety of methods including full practice speeches, fluency drills, and stop-and-start speeches to perfect any presentational issues. Since my expertise lies mostly in limited prep events, students will also need to build up a wide existing knowledge base to be successful. My goal is to help students build that knowledge base and facilitate their compiling of stories, evidence, and techniques. Most importantly, my students should enjoy themselves. I love watching students fall in love with and improve in an activity that changed my life, but that only happens if they’re genuinely excited!


Personal Accolades:

  • 2017 NSDA National Champion (Impromptu Speaking)

  • 2017 CHSSA California State Champion (Impromptu Speaking)

  • 2017 Stanford Invitational Champion (Impromptu Speaking)

  • 2017 Stanford Invitational Champion (Spontaneous Argumentation)

  • 2016 La Costa Canyon Invitational Champion (Impromptu Speaking)


National Championship
National Championship

CA State Championship
CA State Championship

National Championship
National Championship


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