Coaching Philosophy:


My coaching style is very interchangeable, because every student is different. I will never try and force you to conform to my style of interp, but I will bring fresh ideas to the table. Our job as performers is to tell our character’s story in the most genuine way possible, because we don’t know whom we are talking to in that room. I hope to help my students achieve that goal. Each sessions we will find something new about your character(s), so you can better channel that into your performances. A piece is never done for me. I always know that there are things we can add to enhance the performance. During my sessions, we will work hard to find those tiny nuances that will make a bigger difference in your piece, and really just take it over the top. But most importantly, we will have fun. I have a lot of funny (okay they probably aren’t that funny) jokes. Forensics for me was very much work hard play hard, and I hope it will be like that for my students.


 HI,  Prose, Poetry, POI


Short Bio: 

Hello, my name is Lalee. I am going to be attending UC Berkeley in the fall with an intended major in Media Studies. During high school, I really only slept, ate, and did forensics related activities. I gained 20+ bids to the Tournament of Champions. I've championed NSDA Nationals, The Crestian Tradition, Blue Key, and the GMU Tournament. She was also the runner-up at NCFL Nationals, the Sunvitational, Glenbrooks, The New York City Invitational, The Florida State Championship, and the Tournament of Champions. I've worked with 3pspeech since the beginning of my sophomore year, so I am super excited to start coaching and give back to a program that has helped me so much!


  • Character depth: While the audience only sees the character(s) for 10 minutes we should feel like we have known them for a lifetime. Everything we put in the cutting, we put there for a reason, so we need to make sure the audience feels that their is a purpose for every single word and that’s through our character.

  • Intro writing: I have never been a fan of intros with no substance. This is your time to tell the audience why they should listen to you, and talk about why this issue is so important. So, we will use this time to the best of our ability, and really get deep with our arguments.

  • Cleaning: I have special tips, so you can have crisp binder movement and clean pops.

  • Vulnerability: We will have heart to heart sessions. Be prepared for it.




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