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Maria Richards                                                                Extemp, Impromptu, LD Debate

Short Bio:

Hi! My name is Maria Richards and I have done speech and debate for 5 years. I am currently studying computer science and economics at UC Berkeley. I am nationally ranked top 40 in extemporaneous speaking. I am a 2 time qualifier to the Tournament of Champions 3 time qualifier to nationals in extemporaneous speaking. At the time of my graduation from high school as Valedictorian, I had the highest number of NSDA points in the league. I am the 2017 Champion of the University of the Pacific Debate tournament in Lincoln Douglas Debate. I also won Top Speaker at the UOP invitational in Lincoln Douglas debate. I won a $5000 scholarship from the University of the Pacific and a scholarship from Cognitive Exchange for excellence in speech and debate. I have ample experience in coaching. I was LD captain at my high school. As captain, I coached two students to become members of the USA Debate Team. I have led two summer camps for middle school debate, coaching over 200 students.  

Accolades of students Maria has worked with:


  • 2 members of the USA debate team

  • Champion of the Blake Invitational in Parliamentary Debate

  • Champion of the UOP Invitational in Public Forum Debate

  • Champion of the UOP Invitational in Original Oratory

Coaching Philosophy:  

In order to be a champion, you need to be different from the rest of the crowd. Hard work is a given, but you need to prep smartly if you’re going to excel in speech and debate. Over the years I have learned the tactics of the best of the best in speech and debate, and I want to share them with you. If you’ve got the drive, I can take your speech and debate success to new heights. I will teach you my best strategies and work out which strategies work best for your speaking style, from how to make sure your current events knowledge is solid to how to make your speech capture the judge’s attention. I am sincerely dedicated to making you a champion.

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