• Programming, helping students make strong choices for smooth transitions and well put together programs.

  • Character development, helping students analyze and truly understand each character’s motives and drive

  • Subtext, making sure students understand what they’re saying even if it’s not being said out loud.

Philomena Williams                                                                POI, DI, Prose, Duo, HI, Poetry

Short Bio:

Hi everyone! My name is Philomena Williams. I recently graduated from Van Horn High School in Independence Missouri. I am known to be fun and outgoing while also being incredibly dedicated and driven. In my high school career I have competed in Poetry, Prose, Dramatic Interpretation, and Program of Oral Interpretation. In my time as a high school competitor I quarter-finaled at NCFL in prose and poetry and finaled at nationals in POI. My love for Forensics began when I realized that every weekend I had ten minutes to tell a story that I was passionate about to someone who was willing to listen and feel with me. As a coach I believe that the most important thing a student can bring to the table is their own story. I’m thrilled to be able to begin helping students access their own potential through their passion and hard work this season!

Coaching Philosophy:  

I believe that Forensics is a performance art which demands honesty at all times. I uphold this philosophy as a performer and as a coach. Students who coach with me can expect blunt and honest feedback. I believe that there is no ‘right’ choice in speech, rather that some choices are stronger than others. I work to help you examine all choices that you’re making in your performance to ensure that they are purposeful and powerful. As a coach, I believe that your mindset is just as important as the rest of your performance. Anyone can mimic a character or give a speech, magic happens when you feel what your character feels so that the audience can feel it too. I’m a good listener, I want to hear what you’re thinking and feeling so that I can understand and guide you better. I expect you to work hard, but I am willing to work just as hard for you.

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