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One Giant Leap - Comedy

GENRE: Comedy
CAST: 5 Male, 4 Female

Class brain MELVIN only wants to be listened to and understood - particularly by classmate and puppy-love crush LIZZY. So when the bloodthirsty PRINCIPAL RAMBO instructs his teacher, MRS. APPLEBEE, to have her class put on a play about the first moon landing without him, he isn't particularly enthused. Rejected by his teacher and left without a role, MELVIN is forced to idly sit by as his aspirations remain unfulfilled and his classmates stumble through their lines. But when the production and its audience are threatened by a violent turn of events, MELVIN realizes that, no matter how badly he might fail, sometimes a third-grader's gotta do what a third-grader's gotta do.

LENGTH: 15-20 Minute One-Act
RATING: PG - thematic elements and violence
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