• Parliamentary Debate (circuit and lay)

  • Extemporaneous Speaking

  • Impromptu Speaking

Accolades of students Sarah has worked with...


  • Novice Champions at the Santa Clara University Fall invitational

  • Reached finals at the Santa Clara University Fall Invitational

  • Champions of Yale University Invitational

  • Champions of the Totally Free Parliamentary Debate Tournament 

  • Champions at the Prospect Invitational

  • Champions at the Notre Dame Invitational

  • Reached Finals at Claremont Invitational

  • Reached Quarter Finals at the Tournament of Champions for Parli Debate

  • Reached Quarterfinals at the NPDI at UC Berkeley

  • Reached Quarterfinals at the Martin Luther King Invitational (James Logan)

  • Reached Quarterfinals at Stanford

  • Reached Quarterfinals at the Santa Clara University Spring Invitational

  • Won Top Speaker at the Santa Clara Spring Invitational

  • Placed first (undefeated) at the CFL State Qualifier

  • Reached Octafinals at the California State Tournament

  • Reached Octafinals in World Schools Debate at NSDA Nationals (including the 3rd overall speaker out of over 600)


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Short Bio: As a high school student, Sarah Botsch-McGuinn was a State Qualifier in Original Advocacy and a Lincoln-Douglas debater. She then attended UC Santa Cruz where she competed in Parliamentary Debate. She graduated in 2004 with an honors degree in History from UCSC and has a Master’s degree in Education from Santa Clara University. Ms. Botsch-McGuinn coaches at Notre Dame San Jose, and currently teaches Economics. She has previously taught World History, Government and Global Studies and has a special interest in politics, social justice issues and feminism. She has earned the distinction of being a Diamond Coach for the National Speech & Debate Association and is past president of the Coast Forensic League and a member of the Coast District Committee.  Notre Dame parli teams have qualified to the California State Tournament for three years straight and counting., as well as coaching multiple teams at the Tournament of Champions for Parliamentary debate.  She is currently the coach of the number 1 ranked Parliamentary Debater in the US.   Ms. Botsch-McGuinn also teaches Extemporaneous and Impromptu Speaking, Oratory, Informative, Advocacy and Congress. Her students have appeared in finals at a number of elite tournaments, including top placement at the SCU Depsey-Cronin (including closing out Impromptu this year, and having been champion the year before), Stanford Invitational (including closing out Stanford in Impromptu last year), UC Berkeley Invitational, Martin Luther King Invitational, the California State Tournament (6th in Advocacy and Impromptu at State 2015, 6th in Extemporaneous and Advocacy in 2016), NSDA Nationals (3rd speaker in World Schools Debate, Octofinalists in WSD and Impromptu) and NCFL Nationals. She coached students to qualify to the Tournament of Champions in Extemporaneous Speaking (Northwestern University) and in Congress.



Sarah Botsch-McGuinn                            Parli, Extemp, Imp. 



Coaching Philosophy:  

I believe in a student-centered approach to coaching, empowering students to find their best strengths and hone in on their weaknesses.  I use a combination of drills, guided discussions and practice rounds with detailed feedback in order to bring out the best in students.  I believe in Speech and Debate as an incredibly important educational activity that empowers students to be change makers in a 21st century global community.  As an educator first and foremost, I’m most interested in making sure students understand the arguments they are running as well as the basis for their claims rather than memorizing blanket blocks or canned speeches.  I believe in developing a student’s unique voice through spontaneous and platform events.


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