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Coaching Philosophy:  

Above all else, I believe that Forensics is a platform which allows us to advocate for people and issues that go unnoticed in our society. To me, one of the most beautiful ways to address these issues is through our performances and arguments, so giving these issues the respect they deserve is a value I cared about deeply as a performer and now coach. I do not believe in a formulaic approach to speech and think that finding unique pieces of literature and taking risks is worth more than confining yourself to a box that we expect to “work”. I want to know who you are, what you are passionate about, and how we can bring those qualities alive in your performance, None of the work that we do here is worth anything if you are not absolutely in love with your piece and your performance. I want to work with you to craft something that not only you love, but that your audiences can’t help but fall in love with too!

Taylor Gilliam

HI, Duo, Duet, POI, Prose/Poetry

Short Bio:

Hello! My name is Taylor Gilliam! I recently graduated from Desert Vista High School in Phoenix, Arizona. I was lucky enough to work with 3P Speech during my senior year of high school, which not only elevated my performances but allowed me to share my passions on stages across the country! I was dedicated to using the platform that I was given by this activity to share my voice with as many people as I could and as a coach, I am excited to pass on my knowledge so that others can have that same opportunity. I’m super loud and outgoing, so expect sessions that are not only productive but are full of laughter and fun! Knowing who you are and injecting your personality into pieces is what will make them great. During high school, I was a 2x National semifinalist, championed ASU, 3x AZ State Champion, 2x Finalist at GMU as well as individual sweepstakes winner, and Harvard semifinalist. I am so excited to work with you, and can’t to see how we can develop your performances together :)


  • Finding literature and constructing a program with clean and unique transitions for black book events. 

  • Blocking for all types of events. Working to integrate interpretive and realistic movements for black book events, creating pictures and memorable images in Duo, and developing unique tech for HI and DI. 

  • Character development and distinction, understanding the deeper meaning behind a character’s choices and ensuring no two characters blend together, 

  • Having fun and developing a piece that is just as enjoyable to perform as it is to watch. I believe that if you do not have palpable joy in your performance then we are doing an injustice in this activity!

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