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3P Congress Briefs FAQ


If I pre-order briefs, when will I receive them?

You can expect to receive your briefs within 7- 12 days of the docket being released. If you pre-order briefs, you will be sent the research as soon as it is released for sale on our website.

When are briefs ready to order?

Because the amount of legislation in every docket can vary, so will the amount of time it takes to adequately research. As a general note for all research, briefs will be ready to order within 7-12 days of the docket’s release. Once uploaded to the site, they will immediately go on sale.



Why are your briefs priced differently?

Congress is different than other debates as it doesn’t have a set topic (which applies nationwide to every tournament in that set of time). Every tournament provides a different docket with a different level of intense competition. The larger the tournament, the more legislation and therefore the more time required to research. 


Why should I buy your briefs?


Our briefs are the perfect asset to Congressional debaters at both a state and national level of competition. They are structured, strategically cut, and provide an in depth amount of background information to cushion any argument made in session. 


How will I get my briefs? 


Once for sale, briefs can be bought on our website and will be sent to your e-mail and ready for download in PDF format. For those who pre-ordered the Briefs, 3P Legislative Briefs will be delivered immediately via email once they are uploaded to the website.


Who can I contact if I have any questions?


If you have any question, comments, or concerns please mail Brittany Stanchik at

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