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Below are a few of the testimonails given by clients of

      3P Speech's Online Coaching Program.

"Wow. So worth the money. It's nice to get a different perspective from these coaches. As a busy teacher and coach, this was like giving me a new amazing assistant coach."

     -Laura Archbold: Northrop, IN (Diamond Coach, Indiana Speech Board of Directors)

Video testimonials from the 2012 National Championship Tournament

"I have had only positive experiences with 3P coaching. It is great to get a different perspective. I love having fresh eyes especially at the end of the season. 3P coaches have given us winning tips that have perfected championship performances."

     -Ashley Bowen: Portage Northern HS, MI (Coach of 12-time MI Team State Champions)

"I absolutely loved 3P! The coaches not only help tremendously, but I like to think of them as older siblings or parents--the relationship that I have kept with many of them is very endearing. Having sessions always opens my eyes to a deeper cut or a new perspective on an interpretation that can only come from a new pair eyes and brilliant coaches! I absolutely love working with anyone and everyone, and participating in the 3P program honestly just expands my love of Speech and Debate and what it means to be a performer."

     -Catherine Zhang: North Allegheny HS, PA (’14 NCFL Duo SF, ’14 NSDA Duo QF)

"3P revolutionized my forensics experience. I go to a small school with an unmotivated and underfunded program. I often had to travel to tournaments alone and had minimal coaching. 3P Speech gave me access to amazing coaches who helped me develop my skills as a speaker and as a person."

     -Charlotte Massey: Cascade HS, WA (Washington Expos State Champion)

"I think that 3P is the greatest innovation in speech and debate. The ability for individualized coaching from finding your piece through perfection of blocking is the greatest asset. Of all camps and programs, 3P Speech easily has the best coaching and greatest value.”

     -John Henry: Holy Ghost Prep, PA (‘14 Villiger OO Finalist, ’14 3PWW OO & DI Finalist)

Video testimonials from the 2013 National Championship Tournament

"3P has immensely helped my progress as a competitive interper. I learned not to choose scripts due to funniness, but to portray a message…allowing me to impact my audience in a substantial way. I am very happy with the work that 3P has done with my skills, and I have made sure that others know about this phenomenal organization. Thanks so much, 3P!"

     -Conor Lanning: Brookings HS, SD (Top 3 at 7 Northwest Invitationals in 2013/2014)

“We would recommend [3P Speech] to anyone who is interested in becoming a better performer, a better interter, a better extemper, or a better OO’er. It’s so helpful!... We thought, 'Wow, we want to do this again and again.' And our school coach was like, 'Wow, you guys have improved so much with 3P Speech.' She was really grateful that we had gone and worked with 3P coaches. It was amazing!
     -Katherine Zhou: North Allegheny, PA (2012 & 2013 NSDA National Duo Runner-Up  2012 NFL BAMA Bowl Final Round Champion)

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