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   Frequently Asked Questions   

Below is a list of general questions and answers that we expect will help you to further understand how to best utilize the services 3P has to offer.


What is 3P Speech?


Our first and main objective is to provide a space for students who participate in competitive High School Forensics (Speech and Debate) to connect with quality forensics coaches who are both passionate and knowledgeable in their events. A while ago, we at 3P recognized there were many bright, energetic, and passionate forensics students who had very little instructional direction at school, and not enough money to afford a beneficial forensics camp experience. With the coming age of technology, we recognized it was easier than ever for a coach to meet with a student from anywhere around the country. Therein, 3P Speech was created in order to spread a love and knowledge of forensics while also attempting to expand the talent pool of competitors as a whole.


What does "3P" stand for?

"3P" is short for "Personalized - Performance - Preparation.”

Personalized - we pride ourselves on being a coaching service that promotes one-on-one engagement between coach and student. While lectures are wonderful, nothing can beat the personalized touch of a coach looking only at a singular student's specific case or specific speech for an entire hour.

Performance - whether in speech or debate, you must perform at the highest levels to outshine your competitors. The 3P Team teaches techniques in ever event to help with the overall "performance," using rhetoric and critical thinking to engage the judges and audience in a meaningful and powerful way. 

Preparation - you cannot succeed in speech and debate if you are not prepared. Much of the time, a student is not so much lacking in talent as they are in lacking in preparation. Therefore, we hold our students and our coaches to the highest level of work, seeking that every student be fully prepared for their performance when the time comes. 


How do I book a session with a coach?

Booking a coaching session is easy! Simply click on the "Coaches" Tab at the top and follow the prompts depending on what event you are seeking help in. Once you've found the coach that best suits you, click on his/her page, and then purchase time by clicking the package that best suits what you're looking for.

If you are new to 3P Speech and don't know which coach best fits your needs, feel free to explore each coach's page until you find one who's experience is best suited to to assist you. If you would like help in making a decision, try a free 30-minute consultation!


How do I meet with my coach?

First, make sure you have both a webcam and a microphone, as you will be video conferencing with your coach from across the country! Simply sign on to the video conferencing application (Skype) and your coach will call when it is time for your appointment (your coach will provide more specific detail upon purchase, such as personal screen name & request for a copy of your speech). Each coach has an account specifically for coaching. You can rest assured that you will be the sole focus of your coach's attention.


Why do some coaches have higher prices?

At 3P Speech, we believe that coaches should have the ability to set their own rates. All of our coaches have worked very hard to acquire their skills and we feel that it is important they be allowed to charge what they feel is a reasonable price for their time.


I don't feel we got enough done in my coaching session. Can I get my money back?


All sales are final. However, we have a very understanding coaching staff. We would suggest discussing with your individual coach further options to increase your satisfaction.


What happens if my internet connection is not fast enough?

It is recommended that you test your connection speed before beginning a coaching session. Because video chat requires a large amount of bandwidth, we strongly encourage you to close other programs that use up large amounts of your internet connection speed. This will help to ensure a quality coaching session. Should you continue to have connection problems, you may discuss with your coach a different time or venue to host your online coaching session.


What if my internet cuts out during an online video session?

Our coaches are normally very understanding that technology is not perfect, and occasionally, it fails us. Usually, each and every coach will reschedule for a better time or when you are in a more convenient location.


What is your connection with the other 3P websites?

3P Publishing House, 3P Debate, and 3P Briefs are wholly owned subsidiaries of 3P Speech, LLC. We created these because we saw a greater need for convenient & high quality forensics scripts, quality & affordable debate coaching, and heavily researched congressional briefs. We envision a forensics community where students can find the highest quality assisting materials, for the lowest price, that are made with the knowledge handed down by the champions of yesterday. Have more questions about 3P Speech Publishing House, 3P Debate, or 3P Briefs? Go to their respective websites to find out more!


What is the relationship between you and your coaches listed on the website?

Our coaches are hired out as independent contractors, similar to a “” or similar online tutoring platforms. The difference between typical tutoring platforms and our platform is that others allow for any individual to be listed on their site. 3P Speech takes applicants and approves only those they believe would be the best at training, building up, and challenging young minds, renewing contracts on a yearly basis based on feedback performance.


I’m participating in an event that isn’t listed on the website. Can you still help me?

Absolutely! Email us at and we can figure out whom might be best suited for your particular needs. Your respective coach may need a little background on your event, but speaking and debating well are universal. As long as we are given general framework for an event, we believe that we can match you with a coach who is strong in the creative spaces necessary to succeed in the event.


I’m a parent/coach. May I sit in on the video session?

Parents absolutely free to sit in on any session he or she would like!


Can you work with students without indicating they worked with you on the 3P rankings page?

Yes! Our coaches are told to ask students for their permission, and we only indicate those whom we have confirmed verbal permission from. We have MANY more students we work with that are not indicated on our rankings!

Do you coach full teams rather than just individuals?

We do have programs in place to do this! In order to get TEAM COACHING, please contact with your specific inquiry!


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