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   Boot Camp FAQ   

General Qs


Where will I meet my Coach?


Like all of our services provided at 3P Speech, all our coaching is done via the internet. We send and receive cutting revisions through email (or google documents), while all meetings will take place during our video-chat (Skype/Facetime/Google Talk/Oovoo). The benefit of this system is therefore that you can be coached from the comfort of your own home, while you can easily communicate with a coach who is on the other side of the country.


Does online coaching really work?


We’ve been doing it for 4 years now, and in that 4 years, we have seen a multiple state and national champions and finalists through online video coaching. We wholeheartedly believe this is the most affordable, bang-for-your-buck forensics experience on the market and the future of many teaching venues.


Who chooses what coach I work with for BootCamp?


The 3P Coach(es) is chosen by the student on their application. Depending on coaching availability, the applying student may be picked up by his or her top two choice coaches. If both indicated coaches are no longer available, the applicant will be notified and given the option to give two further choices.


How are you like and dislike a regular forensics camp?


Like: Like any extracurricular summer camp, we work with students through one-on-one interaction and lecture to help the student grow in his speech and/or debate abilities. For Speech, students are walked through the process of researching, reading, outlining, and performing their speech, with a 3P Coach helping guide the student each step of the way. For Debate, students are privately guided and trained in winning research methods, analysis, case writing, and more.

Dislike: Camps tend to be characterized by large lectures and group discussion. For 3P Boot Camp, everything is done one-on-one, similar to private tutoring. Additionally, you are no longer paying $800 for room and board as you can stay in the comfort of your own home!

App Process


When should I apply?


The deadline to apply is June 30th, 2015. After this date, a rolling admission will take place of available coaches. We encourage students to apply as soon as possible to increase probability of working with their 1st choice coach.


When will I find out about my acceptance and Financial Aid?


All applicants will be notified at least two weeks after their application is submitted.


Why are there limits on the number of people a 3P Coach can work with?


Simply put, the 3P Coaches want to ensure each performer gets the necessary attention and focus in order to make that performer successful. Having an overabundance of students will make researching, speech crafting, blocking, and potential character creation very difficult to undertake at a high level. We want quality over quantity. Therefore, some coaches are allowed to turn away students if he or she feels his or her 3P workload is already too rigorous in light of 3P (and other) commitments.



How do 3P Coaches choose whom to accept?


3P Coaches will take into account a variety of different aspects, from essay answers to event choice to summer schedules that easily coincide with their own.


What happens if I do not get accepted by my first two coaching choices?


If the two coaches have already filled their summer roster, the applicant will be contacted via email, informed of his or her position, and given the option to choose alternative coaches. We think this scenario is very unlikely.


Will applying for Financial Aid harm my chances of getting in?


3P Consulting Coaches will be notified of financial aid applicants during the assigning process in order to put together a beneficial financial aid package for said students in conjunction with 3P Management. However, no consulting coach in the past three years has turned away a student due to financial need.


When is Financial Aid information needed by?


Financial Aid information should be turned in the office of 3P Speech, LLC with one’s application. Students will be notified when all necessary information is received by 3P Management.


What Financial Aid information is needed?


1.     A Letter requesting assistance

2.     A Letter of recommendation from a coach, teacher, advisor, or principal

3.     Documents that can demonstrate financial need (front page of tax return, pay stub, etc.)

4.     The student’s competitive resume (placements and accolades)


When do I find out about Financial Aid?


You’ll receive a financial aid package offer from 3P Speech along with your acceptance letter if you are accepted by one of the 3P Consulting Coaches into the program.


What if the Financial Aid is not enough to help me pay for Boot Camp?


There are two options from here:

   1. You can work with 3P Management on a payment plan to help space out payments for 3P   

       Speech Boot Camp.

    2. You can write a letter to 3P Management appealing for more financial aid. In rare 

        instances, more will be given if necessary need is demonstrated.


Even if I’ve been accepted, can I decide not to do 3P Boot Camp due to my inability to pay?


Just like applying to a college, your acceptance does not bind you to paying for and completing 3P Boot Camp. You must agree to our offer and therefore can choose not to participate in our program even if you are accepted by one of our coaches.


What does it mean if I’ve been “Wait-listed”?


This means that Boot Camp for your specified 3P Coaches is full. However, being “Wait-listed” means you are one of the select few who will be admitted to the program should an accepted student decide to not participate in Boot Camp.

BC Process


When does my Boot Camp start?


You will have to work out the time-frame that will best work for both you and your 3P Coach.


Can I extend my Boot Camp to more than 10 weeks?


You may not extend your Boot Camp unless specified at the beginning of the program that longer will be necessary due to scheduling conflicts of either consulting coach or student client.


What happens if we don’t get everything done in 10 weeks or the allotted time frame?


Both 3P Coach and performing student will create a step-by-step timeline for effectively getting the Boot Camp completed in a timely manner. If a student does not follow the schedule set at the beginning, the 3P Coach has a right to discontinue without refund the Boot Camp program after the maximum 10 weeks is finished. Therefore, it is suggested that a performing student makes sure he or she is ready to work when the 3P Coach is expecting so.


What are your honest thoughts on an online vs. an in-person camp?


3P Speech’s entire goal from the beginning has been to bring high quality coaching to those who did not have it and could not afford it. We have found online coaching to be a wonderful median to engage this demographic. As stated before, champions have been formed through online coaching, and this is no accident. However, just like a live performance of theater or music, there is a certain extra weight that comes when you are there, physically. There is more freedom to roam and explore the people and the spaces around an individual, and forms of expression can seem more vibrant. Nonetheless, from a coaching standpoint, we have found both are extremely effective in preparing a competitor for the competitive season. If someone can afford an in-person camp, we think they’re a lot of fun! If they don’t have the time or money to do so, we think online is just as effective. Either way, we believe being prepared by highly qualified and knowledgable coaches is the most important factor of all.



What happens if I don’t like my 3P Coach after my first few sessions?


While all sales are final, for extenuating circumstances, you may contact 3P Management and a 3P Coach may be switched in order to finish off a Boot Camp should there be a problem. However, we do not foresee this happening!


But, what happens if I think my coach is wrong on a certain point?


If you think your coach is wrong, go ahead and tell him or her! Remember, they are here to help you improve, and it is not a one-sided process. 3P Boot Camp is designed not just for a coach to spew interp dogma at you, but is instead designed to get you fully involved in the artistic process while professionals help to guide you along the way. If, for example, you and your coach completely disagree about how to play a character, you must give your coach a reason why the benefits of this portrayal outweigh the instinctual disadvantages that your coach senses. Remember that your 3P Coach is fully invested in your success as well! Your final work is a reflection upon the coach, so it is his or her responsibility to prevent you from performing something that would end up ineffective or offensive.  

Tech Q


Do you think video technology is reliable?


We have yet to have someone complain about extensive problems with video coaching. There are the occasions where a call may drop, but it normally picks up rather quickly immediately afterwards for a sustainable period of time.


What happens if the video-chat fails in the middle of a meeting?


Technical difficulties can occur, and we apologize in advance for any technical difficulties along the way. If your internet connection cannot sustain video chat for extended periods, we will most likely need to reschedule the meeting and address the computer or technology issues on the side of the student.


What happens if my internet is not strong enough to handle a full speech performance?


The first few meetings will tell the coach whether your internet connection is reliable enough to handle a full speech performance. If your coach decides the connection is too unreliable or you just want to be sure your performance is uninterrupted, there are multiple options available to you. Most of the times, this involves recording yourself giving the speech and getting it to your coach, either through large download sites or through a private youtube video upload link. In these cases, the coach will review your recorded video with you in your next meeting, pointing out certain things while you watch it together and discuss over the phone. Your coach may also send a video of himself or herself to give commentary and examples of tech, blocking, or characterization within a student’s performance. Nonetheless, most internet connections can effectively sustain video chat capabilities.

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