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   Want to become a 3P Coach?   

At 3P Speech we take coaching very seriously. We want coaches who are not only knowledgeable in their event fields, but passionate in their drive to relay their wisdom to energetic and bright students. Currently, there are only spots available on a limited basis, but we welcome any and all applicants who believe they are qualified and willing to coach young forensics minds. 


Upon Submission, your application will be placed in an applicant pool that will be reviewed. Within two weeks, we will notify you of acceptance onto our next round or placed into a "waiting pool" to be re-evaluated at the end of the semester. In many cases, younger applicants simply need more time to prove themselves. Therefore, should a rejection happen, we encourage students to reapply the following year with updated credentials.



We are currently in need of coaches for all debate categories, congress, and limited prep events. 

Interp coaches still welcome to apply, but more emphasis will be put on the above areas. 

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