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Teach In Harmony


Our coaches have been chosen for their personal styles and speech prowess. The one thing they all have in common is their passion to teach current competitors everything they've learned. 

We strive to create an environment which fosters creative growth, intellectual conversation, and literary analysis of the highest caliber. Every one of our coaches believes in the creative process belonging to the student and coach as a collaborative process. 

3P takes great pride in providing services which seek only to educate, foster, and enhance the creative talents of the students. We will never offer services to write, publish, or individually cut a piece of literature for any competitor. 


Ultimately, we aim educate. 

What We Stand For


A number of our coaches have known the struggles of not having adequate resources or coaching. Thankfully, with the (ever) advancing rate of technology, we can bring coaching to any home or school - including yours.

Middle School Speech and Debate

Affordable. Beneficial. Convenient. 
High School Speech and Debate
Success is not something given as a gift for talent. Success is something to be earned. To work, and work, and work, until you have reached your mountaintop goals. Let us help you work and reach your own peak!


Have questions? Email us at info@3pspeech.com.

Who Are We?


We created 3P (Personalized Performance Preparation) on a concept that we have not forgotten to this day: anyone who wants Speech or Debate coaching - no matter their demographic or financial situations - should have the opportunity to grow.

Collectively, 3P has some of the most successful, creative, and innovative coaches you'll find anywhere.  With over 25 personal NFL Semis and Final round appearances, multiple state champions, and countless placings on the circuit, the 3P team features some of the best forensics minds of our time.


AUSTIN McWilliams
Founder’s Notes 


Austin currently serves as the Co-Founder and Director of Development at 3P Speech, LLC. He holds a B.S. of Mathematical-Economics from Wake Forest University and is currently pursuing his Double Masters in Divinity & Counseling at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL. While at Wake Forest University, Austin was forever impacted by the school he worked for on the North Carolina circuits that had no funding but kids who yearned to grow. His favorite moments were engaging with the students, seeing them grow, and realizing his impact was much more than limited to an after-school activity. However, with his eventual departure, the team again had nowhere to turn. He started coaching from afar through Skype, and thus the thought was born - what if there was a program where schools like this could find quality and affordable coaching online? He had his vision, and he can truly say the vision has taken off beyond his wildest dreams. 

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