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How do I know I'm buying a quality script?


Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly), we turn down many scripts that are submitted for publishing. When you buy a script from 3P, we want it to be one that will challenge your acting ability and allow you to give a top notch performance. With these pillars in mind, we seek to only publish the scripts that will do such a task.




Who wrote my script?


As of right now, all of the authors of 3P Publishing are former competitors for the National Forensics League though if you wish to know more about the author of the script you have published, please refer to the "About the Author" page inside the book. 


Is my information secure?


Absolutely! 3P Speech Publishing House is committed to maintaining the strictest privacy standards. Your personal information will be guarded closely and not sold to any 3rd party affiliates.


Does the script come with a digital copy?


Any scripts purchased from the main 3P Speech website will only be in physical (hard) copy form. If you wish to purchase the scripts in digital form before shipping CLICK HERE


How long will it take for the Script to get to me?


Due to demand, time, and cost of print, we have designated 5 dates out of the season when we will be shipping physical copies to all who purchased any of our scripts. 


Those five dates are: 

  • October 15th

  • December 15th

  • February 15th

  • June 15th

  • August 15th


If you purchase any of our scripts after Nat Quals season, and need a physical copy for NSDA Nationals- we will attempt to accomodate your needs by shipping to you and/or give you a physical copy at Nationals


How much is shipping and handling?


Shipping and handling is worked into the current prices. 


The Digital Copy of the script and the Hard Copy of the script (Booklet) don't line up. Is there something wrong?


Not at all! Because of the difference in dimensions between singular column portrait orientation and double column landscape orientation, the 3P Speech Publishing House has to change the scheme of the page slightly when printing. Due to this, digital and physical prints do not always align. We guaruntee though that you are getting the same story and content in both.



I bought the script, but don't like it. Can I get my money back?


Sorry, but unfortunately, all sales are final. To ensure you like the theme of the script, each has an available preview for download. We encourage you to read the preview before making a purchasing decision.


Do your scripts have ISBN numbers?

Short answer: Yes.



Do you pay your writers?


Our writers make up to 65% of the profits 3P Publishing makes off of scripts sales. 


I wrote a script that I think is good enough for publishing. Can I get it published with 3P Publishing?


If it's a quality and creative script, we'd love to have our 3P Script Review Team take a look at it. Just go to theSubmit a Script section and fill out the questionnaire, and you'll be hearing our thoughts on your script within two weeks! The only person this does not apply to are current high school students. See below for more details.


I'm a high school forensics competitor that loves writing. Can I send my script to you all for Publishing?


You may certainly send us your script for review and potential publishing. However, unlike some in the market, we do not want to be a company that publishes scripts for the sake of benefitting the writer's high school performance. Therefore, if a script is published, it will be only after a high school student has graduated and can no longer perform material on the high school circuit. 

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