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   Rankings FAQ   



This year we decided to try something a little different. Last year was our first year as a ranking system and while we were happy with the overall product by the end of the season, we realized that no other ranking system allows for you, the competitors, to decide how valuable a tournament is deemed. So this year, we have asked you to value the tournaments we plan to incorporate into our rankings this season.

There will be a 3-Tier system. 


  • All finalists get ranked (1st- 40 pts)

  • All finalists and semi-finalists get ranked (1st- 60 pts)

  • All finalists, semi-finalists and quarter finalists get ranked (1st- 80 pts)


We strive to provide objective, accurate and, most importantly, true national rankings.


In order to achieve this, we would like to include as many Invites from around the country, as possible. However, please understand that we cannot include every invitational that happens in a season. We will be looking at the regions, numbers of entries, and much more to determine if it has a place on our rankings system. 


Please feel free to message the rankings supervisor, Juan De La Cruz, at his email if there are any errors with names, placement, or school affiliation. You may contact him at the following address: and provide the subject "Speech Rankings". 


We will be marking ** if a competitor has either been helped or coached by a 3P coach in the particular event that s/he is ranked in.


Note: We only use ** on those competitors who wish to be recognized as having worked with 3P coaches. 

A tournament designated as a Tier-1 Invitational will garner less points than Tier-2 which will garner less than Tier-3. (Based on National Survey taken by YOU, the competitors!)

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