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3P Summer Programs

Financial Aid & Payment Plans


When a student applies to the program, they will be asked to indicate whether or not they will be in need of Financial Aid and then later contacted by management to provide additional information.

Financial Aid Information is available in the BootCamp Information Packets!

We offer flexible payment plans for all clients! 

What Summer Programs Do We Offer?


3P Forensics Camps are forward thinking and affordable forensics camp experiences geared towards helping students reach their fullest potential in the areas of Interp, Public Speaking and LD Debate.

3P Boot-Camp

 Over a number of weeks, you will consistently meet with a singular coach of your choosing to work conceptualization, implementation, and execution of your speech, interp, or debate skills through a variety of lectures, exercises, and teaching methods administered by the 3P Coach. By the end of camp, students will have a well thought-out and completed speech/performance or be well-equiped to indepentely research, analyze, present, and argue cases in debate events. 


The coaches on our staff do not expect to do all the work in creating a performance or constructing a debate case, nor should they! Students will be expected to take their course seriously, as the coaches are not there to do the work for the student, rather to help cultivate their talents and skills. 


Likewise, from the initial meetings all the way through piece hunting, drafting speeches, editing, researching, case writing and, finally, performing; your 3P Coach will be there every step of the way!

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