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  • Cutting: Cutting is probably the thing I am most skilled in. I help sculpt scripts that take 10 short minutes and still manage to tell a story and capitalize on its importance in the process.

  • Cultivating Showmanship: I will maximize your ability to commit to your piece and entertain as a result.

  • Blocking: I am the coach that is up in the middle of the night thinking of blocking because I think there are 50 different ways to pick up a cup and finding the perfect one for your piece is key. I know how to bring forth unique and necessary blocking while balancing the simplicity of what is at the heart of a piece. This includes binder tech.

  • Characterization: I will work really hard to bring your character(s) to life and I will do so through more than just the words they say. Your character should be able to consume a room without saying a word.

  • Writing: I pride myself on my writing abilities. I will make revisions to your speeches that are meaningful and effective and the same goes for intros which is the one thing I never let my coaches touch.


*4x NSDA Finalist 

*2023 NSDA POI Final Round Winner

*1x NSDA Champion (OSW)

*5x FL State Finalist

*2x FL State Champion (ADS and POI)

*1x TOC Finalist (DI)

*TOC Finalist (DI)

*4X Blue Key Finalist

*1x Blue Key Champion (POI)

*Emory Finalist (POI)

*Princeton Finalist (DI)

*2x Manatee District Champion (DI and POI)

Caitlin Williams 

DI. Duo, POI, OI, OO


Short Bio:

Heyyy! I’m Caitlin, Cait for short! I competed in speech and debate for 5 years but did it for 6 and absolutely fell in love with it from very early on. Over the course of those six years, I acquired a lot of success, both locally and nationally. From appearing in 5 FL state final rounds to 4 NSDA National final rounds, It is safe to say, speech was something I prioritized but more importantly, enjoyed. It is an understatement to say that debate changed my life because it not only made me a better performer, but a better person. I recently coached at a debate camp and found reassurance in my interest to pursue coaching and look forward to continuing to do so. I currently attend Emerson College in Boston and am majoring in film with a minor in journalism so the act of creating and speaking is actively following me around. I look forward to working with you and helping you reap the benefits that I was lucky enough to, from this activity, beyond the success. Speech made me feel whole. I want to aid in you acquiring that same fulfillment. 


Coaching Philosophy:

My coaching philosophy is that I want to hear you out regarding what you envision for yourself both in terms of your goals but also your pieces. In return, I will tailor my coaching methods to your needs. Meaning, I am not here to change your message, I am here to help develop it to align with your goals. I also want to make it clear that I stand on reassurance. At the core of my coaching will be motivation. I am not the coach that will encourage your doubts but instead, I will do what I can to minimize them, even if that means us finding an alternative way of expressing your message in a way where you still maintain your self declared purpose in this activity. 


In addition, I believe in breaking the mold. Oftentimes we approach speech from a lens that mirrors a box in a way. I believe this causes speech to be very stagnant and discourages evolution. I think pushing the envelope within reason is necessary because in speech many messages and pieces will be similar so what deciphers them are the ways in which they are expressed. I like to think I coach according to that. I want to collaborate with you to generate “aha” moments because the best pieces are often the ones that are thought-provoking.


With Interp, I will coach you in a way that doesn’t just enable you to be characters but to become them. I prioritize authenticity when developing, blocking, and setting a piece. With platform, I will collaborate with you to hone in what it is you want to say and then shape it in a way that is stylistically compelling (fun fact: I got my start in platform). 


I want to leave you with something that I have abided by since my sophomore year. “I do not want to create important messages to succeed but rather succeed because someone saw the importance in (my) message.” Perhaps that is at the core of my coaching philosophy.

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