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  • Choosing a problem to speak on that is both timely and important to shed light on 

  • Injecting passion, emotion, and authenticity into personal stories. Original Oratory is known for its “7-minute heart story,” but the goal of this moment is so much more than to get people to sympathize with you. This moment is meant to allow you to be vulnerable with your audience as you encompass yourself in the problem. Let’s share your story in the most authentic way possible. <3

  • Developing a genuine passion for the problem you are speaking on. This comes through choosing a topic you really care about (no matter how obscure/narrow it may initially seem), deep topic research and fun chats about how/why we NEED to solve the problem ASAP.

  • Allowing your personality to shine through in your oratory! This comes through with clever joke writing, joke delivery, writing style, and delivery. If the audience loves you, it’s so much easier for them to love what you’re sharing, too. :)

Short Bio:
Hey there! My name is Nadine Fattah and I will be an incoming freshman at Stanford University in the fall of 2019, where I hope to study Management Science and Engineering. I competed in Original Oratory all four years on the infamous California circuit (~CRAZY competitive~). During my time in high school forensics, I was lucky enough to be a three-time California state finalist (and State Champion!) in Original Oratory (3rd place in 2017, 1st place in 2018, and 2nd place in 2019), a Yale University Invitational finalist , a two-time Cal Berkeley Invitational finalist, a two-time MLK James Logan Invitational finalist, a UKTOC finalist, and ending my career placing 9th at the NSDA National Tournament in 2019. By dedicating my time in speech and debate to one event, I’ve been able to really understand the different layers of nuance that can be created in an oratory (no matter what the topic is) and the importance of letting your own personality shine through while speaking. Oratory is all about storytelling, whether it be sharing your narrative or others’, and my greatest goal is for you to become confident and passionate about the stories you are presenting. Competing on the California oratory circuit gave me the opportunity to both learn from and compete alongside some of the top orators in the entire country, and I am so excited to share my love of this activity with you. Let’s change some lives. :)


Nadine Fattah

                                                     Oratory, Informative



Coaching Philosophy:  

My greatest goal as a coach is for you to develop a genuine passion for the issues you are speaking on. One of the greatest gifts this activity gives us is the opportunity to share our stories and our truths on a platform that demands we are heard. For that reason, I hope our time together gives you a chance to truly be proud and confident about the facets of your identity, personality, and story that you are sharing with the audience. While oratory is often confined to a certain structure, I strongly believe that taking risks in this event (in the jokes said and in the arguments/examples mentioned) is incredibly important to building a powerful piece. One of the most important aspects of Original Oratory is wording, and I am so excited to craft those clever, elegant, and beautiful one-liners and nuanced arguments with you! Whether it be additions of nuance, replacing examples with more timely ones, reframing arguments, or complete paragraph rewrites, I believe that there is always room for a speech to become even better than it was before (even if the previous tournament went exceptionally well!). Our sessions will be comprised of us doing research, framing arguments, and engaging in active discussions about your topic/relevant examples together. We’ll also play around with delivery to find a speaking style that is uniquely yours to share your message with. Let’s craft a masterpiece that will make others think, laugh, cry, and change for the better!

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