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  • Piece Selection: I have a vast knowledge of plays and scripts, and will do my best to find you something that is unique to you and your strengths as a performer! I love  choosing different and often unexpected pieces! (After all, I did The Exorcist as an HI!)

  • Character Development:  We will strictly define and differentiate each and every character in your piece, physically and vocally. We will go through objectives and arcs, and treat each character with the love and respect they deserve!

  • Cutting: To correctly craft an interp piece, we will follow a very specific dramatic structure. We will make sure your piece has a beginning, middle and end that feels cohesive and complete. We will make sure every word is true to script, eliminate the fluff, and find new and inventive ways of telling our story in no longer than 10 minutes! 

  • Blocking/Tech: I usually opt for simple tech and blocking. I’m not super gimmicky when it comes to this element of interp, as I believe it to be distracting. We want your blocking to be crisp and clean and your tech to be easy to understand.  

Rachel Brooks


Short Bio:

Hi! I’m Rachel! While on the speech circuit in high school, I won 7 National Championship titles at Harvard, Yale, Crestian, Glenbrooks and Blue Key in both HI and DI. I was the reigning Florida State Champion in HI for 3 years, in addition to competing in many State and National final rounds of DI and OI. My favorite memory is performing in Sanders Hall at Harvard finals! Through Speech, I found my artistic voice and loved having a platform to express myself as a young performer. When it came time to start looking at colleges, I decided I wanted to pursue acting on a larger scale and opted to study at a conservatory. I graduated from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts with a BFA in Acting. I’m currently a working actress, singer and creator in NYC! 

Coaching Philosophy:  

I believe the performer should have complete creative control. You are essentially the producer, director, ALL the actors, script supervisor, editor, scenic designer, sound engineer and choreographer! I just have the great honor of navigating, extracting and fine tuning the brilliance that is already within you, out. My only requirement? You must be passionate about your material and love doing it each and every round! I believe that your piece will show us what it wants to be over time. Our job is to listen, and allow your piece to evolve naturally into the best version it can be. We can do this by making strong choices, not being afraid to take risks, and by having the awareness that sometimes things will work and other times they will fail. We can’t please everyone and this activity/art in general is subjective! At the end of the day, we want you to stand behind your piece fully and have a blast while doing it! 

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