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  • Incorporating humor into limited prep and prepared events while maintaining your personal identity

  • Including your character into events to make your speeches more personable 

  • Using specified concepts to maximize preparation time in limited prep events

  • Establishing a thorough thesis to structure your limited prep and prepared event speeches 

  • Maximizing speech structure through the inclusion of data cards and evidence

Marc Zavarro
                                                       Extemp, Info 

Short Bio:

Hi everyone! My name is Marc Zavarro and I am an incoming freshman at Emory University. I plan on majoring in International Relations with work in public health, politics, and law. At Emory, I plan to continue speech and debate through participation in the Atlanta Urban Debate League and Barkley Forum. I competed on the National Circuit for all four years of my high school experience, focusing predominantly on Extemp, Impromptu, and Informative. I have also competed in, and reached final rounds in, Student Congress.

Coaching Philosophy:  

I feel that many competitors fall into the “strucuture” of their event, ignoring uniqueness at the expense of fitting into the norm. When working with me, prioritizing your unique qualities will be the foremost priority. It is my firm belief that the best speeches, arguments, and presentations are those that fit someone’s own style, not just the style of others. I want to reassure you that your humor, personality, and behavior can all be implemented into your speech in an effort to maximize success at all levels. 

When it comes to limited prep events, I have realized that many competitors fall into this aforementioned trap. Humor is an asset that will work you wonders in rounds, especially when it comes to earning the higher rank for the judge in the round. 


Whether you want success on a local, regional, state, or national level, I want to work with you to maximize your opportunity and showcase how important your story is. While I do find practice speeches to be important for growth, i never want to rush your success. Speeches will come when you are ready, and I am more than happy tp start with the basics in limited prep and prepared events. The goal of Speech and Debate is to tell your story in a way that embodies you. Share your story, be funny, but most importantly, be you!


  • 1x MBA Round Robin Invitee (Extemp)

  • Harvard Champion (Extemp)

  • Glenbrooks finalist (Informative)

  • GMU Patriot Games Champion (Informative)

  • NSDA National Semi-Finalist (Extemp)

  • 3x Blue Key Finalist (Extemp and Info)

  • 3x Sunvite Finalist (Impromptu and Extemp)

  • GMU Patriot Games Finalist (Extemp and Congress)

  • Yale Semi-Finalist (Extemp)

  • 2022 Florida State Champion (United States Extemp)

  • Tournament of Champions Semi-Finalist (Extemp)

  • Total of 25+ bids collected to Tournament of Champions in Extemp/Info

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