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  • Building nuances in performance--making even the most quiet and delicate moments the most real and moving

  • Balancing character techniques--building a character/story that takes the audience on a trip with you, helping them to fall in love with your character and experience heartbreak right alongside them

  • Intro writing-- Finding an argument that you care so much about that performing it gets you hyped about the story you are about to tell!

  • Finding unique literature--Telling stories that are unique and stand out in every single performance

  • Helping create the love-- My favorite part of coaching is hearing people say “you helped me love my story” because love is the best thing we can give to this activity

Bronwyn Doebbeling


Short Bio:

Hey! My name is Bronwyn Doebbeling! I just graduated from Desert Vista High School in Phoenix, where I did Interp all four years. Working with such a big team has given me access to coaching--a privilege many kids do not receive. However, when I found out about 3P speech, and its mission to deliver the highest quality coaching in the country to everyone, I absolutely fell in love. Working with the 3P coaches my senior year completely transformed my entire speech career. Freshman-Junior year, I was competitive on the Arizona circuit and I had finaled at Harvard. But working through this platform gave me amazing experiences my senior year. I Championed Harvard in DI, received 3rd in Duo, and took 7th in POI. I took an Auto Qualification in Duo to Nationals where I placed 11th overall. I also triple-finaled at James Logan, Double-finaled at ASU, finaled at Stanford, and championed the Arizona State tournament, in addition to winning multiple individual sweepstakes awards and never placing below second at local tournaments. There is nothing I want more than to give back to the community and kids who have given me so much love.  I am unbelievably psyched to get to work with you! Let’s make some art 💕

Coaching Philosophy:  

I have always believed that storytelling is the purest form of art in the world. I think that there is no better story to tell than your own, and everyone has a story within them. At one point, I remember feeling that I simply did not have anything to say that was as important as everyone else. Then I found that every piece of literature has a universal message of love, perseverance, and passion that touches everyone around them. Even the simplest stories are valid and deserve to be heard. Speech and Debate is about saying things that will resonate in people’s hearts, and change them forever. At the end of the day, I will forget what it felt like to take home trophies. However, I will never forget what it was like to perform to people who later came up to me, saying they felt truly heard for the first time in their lives. If I can help you create a story that you truly resonate with, you will change lives with every round you perform in. That is what I am most passionate about.

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