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  • Layering. Dynamics. Injection of soul. Every Interp and Oratory needs to be able to have multiple dimensions. 

  • Cleaning up transitions by enhancing the popping/morphing techniques used in performance.

  • Diving into the psyche of the character(s) being portrayed and analyzing the surrounding factors of each moment.

  • Making sure you have something important and relevant to say!

Juan De La Cruz

                    DI, Info, HI, DUO, OO, POI, Prose, Poetry

Short Bio:

I have been coaching with 3P Speech now since its inception back in 2011. I am proud to say that in that time, I have met some and worked with some of the most talented students this activity has to offer. In that time I've come to learn one very important thing: talent is interwoven with passion. Each student who is willing to work with me brings passion to the table, which allows me to teach them what I know best: telling stories. I have been a head coach at Centennial High School (Bakersfield, CA), as well as assistant to various successful programs (The Harker School, Desert Vista, etc).


My coaching philosophy and coaching style is nuanced and aggressive. I strive to let every student know that they can achieve any goal, but with the ability to work hard. 

Coaching Style:  My only goal, always, is to give the highest educational value while coaching students across all events. I don't create the art for the performers; I assess it, I provide feedback, I edit, I suggest alternative techniques and character philosophies and am unrelenting in my belief that one can always improve on their craft. I'm a collaborator; a very vocal and blunt collaborator, but I work with you as part of a team, constantly engaging in discussion. I take great pride in the fact that all of my students are self-sufficient and hard working toward their endeavors. You could say my students show grit. 


Most importantly, I believe that every speech event loses complete meaning and purpose if we aren't using this opportunity to share an important message or spread awareness about an important issue.  

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