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Coaching Philosophy:  

Argumentation and advocacy are vital to a meaningful speech. Speech is all about confidence. That tends to be the first barrier between an okay speaker and a great speaker. If you don’t act like what you’re saying is important or truthful, then there’s no incentive for your audience to believe you. I’m a very adaptable coach. If you want me to be completely honest and nitpicky, then I can be. If you want more general, thematic critiques, that’s alright too. After the plotline/story is followable, we can clean up the details to set you apart.

Natalie Roots-Nowakowski
POI, HI, DI, Prose, Poetry, DUO, Impromptu

Short Bio:

Hello, I’m Natalie! I competed in speech and debate for 6 years at The Potomac School (VA) on the national circuit, and I’m so grateful for the life skills it granted me. Now, I’m a freshman at Northwestern University studying Political Science and Philosophy. I ended my high-school speech career having won multiple national tournaments and ranked 10th in the US overall. Winning Yale, UK, GMU, and finaling at the Tournament of Champions, Bronx, Bluekey, Duke, and more allowed me to share personal experiences and learn about underrated issues. I’m hardworking, love learning, and open-minded. I’m so excited to stay connected with this activity by helping others take the stage and set it for change. It’s your time to speak, and our time to listen. 


  • Creative blocking. It’s essential to keep the audience engaged through movement and utilizing your unique skills to do so. This includes realistic pantomiming to set the scene, interesting book tech for the relevant events, and using space intentionally.

  • Humor. I like to think I’m a pretty funny person, but anyone can infuse humor to make sure their piece has emotional variety. Little gimmicks, political jokes, and silly faces all work together to make the speech memorable in a non-conventional way.

  • Characterization. I have many strategies that help distinguish and develop characters. That means understanding the role they play within the story and connecting with them on a deeper level.

  • Piece selection. Finding literature that’s dynamic, fresh, and meaningful is difficult, but key. I like to think creatively, pulling from obscure sources (video game descriptions, advertisements, kids' books, etc.) to ensure a multitude of perspectives are woven within the speech.

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