Coaching Philosophy:    

I have always found coaching to be most effective when it is not structured, but personalized. Speech is a constantly evolving process that needs attention in all directions. Thus, I will always focus on what is most needed and then work my way around the speaker to see how else to be most helpful and perhaps equip them to be their most effective selves. 


In Oratory, wording is essential. I always like to read through and suggest edits and changes to make sure the skeleton for the Oratory is one that flows together well. Making sure stories and evidence fit claims and that organization (in some way or another) is evident is very important. 


For all speeches, I help my students "score" their speech. The student's style, voice, and personality will all shine through their scoring. From here, we can work to make sure diction, inflection, and tone all connect your paper to your presentation. 


In Congress and Impromptu, fluency is key. I have seen incredible growth in my students through practicing extemporaneously and altering what might not work best immediately as it happens. While some students need more assistance in organizing thoughts and ideas, other students may need help in discussing content or determining what to say. Whatever the difficulty may be, there are exercises and practices that can remedy it. 


In all three events, presentation is one of the most important facets for me. Delivery and passion are two of the hardest concepts to perfect, but are the most important for the audience to truly engage in what is being said. I always say, "People do not care how much you know, unless they know how much you care." <-- Check out that word play. 


Finding ways for the student to be most passionate and excited about their speech is critical for the audience to feel engaged. Developing a sense of every and a confidence and way to deliver those emotions is a language that speaks more than even words themselves. 




Serene Singh

                                                       OO, OA, Impromptu



Short Bio:  

Serene Singh is a Boettcher Scholar (full-ride academic scholarship recipient) majoring in political science and journalism at the University of Colorado.


Serene has worked with 3P Speech for over three years. Her love for empowering young people to use their voices is well-established, given her long-term commitment to the activity. Despite not having a Speech and Debate team at her middle school or her high school, Serene coached herself and her peers to reach impressive heights in the public speaking sphere. Ultimately, her work to spread the power of Speech and Debate led her to serve on the Youth Advisory Council for the National Speech and Debate Association where she wrote articles and came up with youth-created strategies for bettering NSDA. 


In terms of accomplishments, following Serene's National Junior Forensics League Championship, Serene went on to become the first student in her state to win 3 State OO Championships, multiple Tournament of Champions (TOC) Finalist placements (Top 5), and various National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) national titles in Oratory (Top 12), Congress (Top 20), and Impromptu (Top 15). 


Serene's commitment to helping others belong and find their voices does not just stop at being a Speech and Debate coach - it is intrinsic in everything she does. 

Compelled to give back after interning for the US Senate during a time when suicide rates increased in at-risk women populations, Serene founded The Serenity Project to empower women with skills to persevere through discrimination, trauma, and body dysmorphia. Serene, as a former Miss Colorado Teen, hopes that the project will empower participants to find their voices. At her university, Serene is the Chief Justice of the Student Government Supreme Court. Her Court has broken historical records - including having the most female justices. As a Sikh American, Serene is the Founder of the National Sikh Youth Program, President of Colorado’s Sikh Student Association and Founder of the Colorado Bhangra Team - efforts that aim to challenge stereotypes and promote religious freedom.


As a 2018 Truman Scholar, Global Changemaker, and Dalai Lama Fellow, Serene hopes to further her passion for public speaking, presentation, and public service to serve on the United States Supreme Court.


  • Structure/Wording in OO, Congress, and Impromptu speeches 

  • Vocalization (inflection, tone, emphasis, pausing)

  • Scoring speeches to help with delivery/presentation

  • Impact Development (Pathos, linking vs terminal impacts, Ethos, Logos)

  • The wonderful art of persuasion in everything said and not said :)

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